10 Things That Indians Need to Stop Doing in Goa

10 Things That Indians Need to Stop Doing in Goa


Goa is distinctively separate from all other tourist places of India. It’s about more maturity and hospitality. Goa nurtures hippie culture. Trance parties, nude bath, bikini girls, night clubs and drinks, daring water sports all of these mark Goa as a class apart. Therefore, Goa is more popular among foreign tourists than Indian. While talking about India’s party capital Goa, we must remember that it is all about fun and youngness. Goa is also a popular honeymoon destination among Indians. Now we must learn about a few things that we must avoid in Goa which can make us feel embarrassed.

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  • Saree is an integral part of Indian culture. In fact, it is a great outfit and probably the best one. Women irrespective of their shape and skin color look good n saree. But there are some water sports where your cloth may tend to fly with the wind. And in those particular cases, you may feel uncomfortable of your saree started to spread with the heavy wind flow. Besides, there are chances you can end up with accidents.
  • Try to avoid wearing traditional jewelry with bikinis or beach wear it makes you look utterly funny. Have some fashion sense because you are representing your country in front of foreigners be careful! Don’t look like a stupid.
  • lease don’t go to the beach with bridal makeup or something like that. You may become a laughing stock for many
  • You are strictly advised to not to approach any foreign or Indian nationals with an unwanted friendship request. Do not disturb anyone. It’s indecent!
  • Similarly, if some foreign national try to force you for a friendship refuse them with a firm but gentle approach. It’s not a nice idea to get mingles with a stranger easily
  • Public display of affection is not a problem in Goa. But while doing that be careful! You must not end up with foolish stuff. Try to observe how others behave in case if you are new
  • Do not try to use a fake accent while talking with a foreigner. Remember that he/she may be nice to you for that moment. But later they will laugh about it. Be genuine
  • Always remember you just can’t take picture of any man or woman randomly without their permission. It’s totally wrong. Have some humanity! Foreigners may not understand your language but they understand manners. And you are destroying your country’s image.
  • Restrict yourself from excess alcohol consumption. Or else you may end up with real danger or trouble. Love yourself enough
  • Last but not the least; try to avoid rave parties even if the invitation comes from your dear friend. These places are not safe for men or women. Besides, all the rave parties are beneficial for drug smugglers. Don’t help them

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