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Rent a bike in Thivim and go to any places of Goa:Thivim is one of the major railway stations of North Goa. With Rent a Bike in Thivim, you can make Thivim your center and wander around in north Goa. Every year a lot of foreigners, mainly from the Europe come to Goa. Usually they halt at some significant place and roam around the city randomly. They use to stay for months and take bikes on rent for daily use. Bike Rental in Thivim Goa was created to match the demand. Because it is observed Thivim is one of the places where most of the foreigners prefers to stay.

Rent a Bike in Thivim

Rent My Bike in Thivim and its Service


It’s all about giving our bikes on rent for your convenience and Rent a bike at Thivim is the best you can deal with. We have a very good collection of bikes mountain bikes, cruiser, sports bikes, bicycles, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Honda, BMW, Scooters etc. All of our bikes are well maintained and in well-functioning state. If you wish to rent it for a short duration, you need to dial+91 730 333 8800. Our attendant will come to your place to dispense the bike to you and he will bring it back to us upon the completion of your ride. That’s one way to get it. There is another way, booking of a by using our app. We advise you to go for the second for you benefit. As we provide many discounts for online booking. Be it online or offline you will always get help from us on the phone. Bike rental in Thivim has the best professional guys in our customer service department. In case of a long possession of a bike, like if you wish to take it on rent for several days or maybe for a month, we take a deposit amount from you.

Explore the North Goa with Rent a Bike in Thivim


Thivim is a beautiful place to explore, experience it with the Rent a Bike in Thivim, the best rental service in town at the best economic rate. The beautiful river Mandovi flows through the town. Thivim has got many tranquil beaches and picturesque landscapes. If you are a nature lover, you will find yourself lost in its beauty. The city has also got many historical ruins which are very common between are the all Goan cities. Fort Novo de Tivim built in 1635, Assumcao fort de Tivim and Forte de Meio de Tivim built in 1681 are famous attractions of Thivim. Church of St.Chritopher, a church located in Thivim has also got history attached with it. Apart from these with a bike on rent one can travel to many places to north Goa. So, don’t wait for long make a call to+91 730 333 8800 or download the app Rent my Bike in Thivim on your mobile and get lost in beauty of Goa. Visit Bike Rental in Goa For more Details

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