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Sunburn Festival in Goa


Sunburn Festival is India's premier electronic music festival hosting Asia's largest ‘4-day’ Electronic Music Festival. Started their journey in 2007 and it still continues. The first event festival was held in Goa, India in 2007 with the world’s biggest artists. Artists like Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Afrojack, Tiesto, DJ Snake, KSHMR, Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Nervo and many more to India.

Sunburn festival in Goa: Goa is one of the hosting grounds for the famous 4-day dance and music Sunburn festival. Many enthusiasts across the globe mobs Goa during this festival and have the time of their lives. The festival offers music, entertainment, food and shopping. In 2013, 7 massive stages were erected, each with a different theme. The EDM music attracts many tourists. Though Sunburn wraps up by 10:00 pm, the after parties are certainly something to look forward to!


Some tips regarding booking tickets for Sunburn festival:


Sunburn generally lasts for minimum 3-4 days. There are different kinds of tickets available on like daily passes, Passes for all days, after party tickets, etc.


You can buy these tickets and passes at the venue also but availability is limited and also if you buy well in advance it will cost you cheaper!


Food and drink coupons can also be booked through BMS and its better you do it.


In case of people having VIP passes, there is a separate raised platform erected in middle of grounds where food and drinks are also served.


1.Say ‘No’ to drugs and do not drink on beaches!!

There’s a good chance you’ll be invited to beach parties and raves. Keep in mind that many such parties have drugs in circulation. It is worth noting that, by law, possession, consumption or trade of drugs in the state is illegal. And, if caught, you’re sure to land up in jail for nearly 10 years, along with a hefty fine. So, say NO to any such invitation and drugs. Also, drinking in public places in Goa, especially on the beaches is banned and may land you in jail. So, do not indulge in such an activity.

2.Money is the best!!

Many small shacks, bars, restaurants and shops do not have credit card machines. So, always have some cash on you (but not too much, though!), or familiarise yourself with the ATMs in your area, so that you can withdraw money easily.

3.Early bird really gets the ease!!

It is better you reach early at the venue so that you can find parking easily at the appropriate location

Essentials items to make your party time at Sunburn Goa all the more fun.



Sunscreen is a no-brainer for something that’s called ‘Sunburn’. Get a good spray-on sunscreen – one that does not make you sweat, since you’re going to be quite hot and sweaty from all that partying.

2.Mirrored Sunglasses

The sand reflects a lot more sunlight and beaches tend to hurt the eye a lot more. To protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh rays, pack two pairs of sunglasses, preferably with a mirrored finish. They are also make for great cover-ups for sleepy or hungover eyes.

3. First Aid Box

There is going to be a lot of pushing and shoving around at Sunburn and it wont hurt to carry a first aid box to take care of emergencies. Pack in some basic medicines for headaches, colds, tummy runs and the like. If you are a hardcore party animal, it might be a good idea to have some OTC anti-hangover pills on you.

4. Tent

Sunburn has introduced camping on the venue for backpackers and others who do not get accommodation, or for those who simply want to camp for the love of it. Remember, if you do plan to camp, look up a list of camping items to pack in addition to this list.

5. Water Bottle

Though drinking water is going to be available at the Sunburn venue but it is better that you carry your own bottle of water as you pay not want to stand in long queues to just get a water bottle to quench your thirst. Additionally, it is quite economical too as you will save a considerable amount of money by not buying water anywhere you go.

6. Mosquito Repellent: For that comfy Sleep

Mosquitos can be a big turnoff. It is advisable that when you are out after the sun sets, it is best to carry a mosquito repellent.

7. Ear Plugs: Cut Out the Noise

If you are camping or staying in a hotel near the beach venue of Sunburn, it is best to carry ear plugs if you wish to have a good night sleep. No one is going to stop playing the music during night hours.

8. Wet Wipes and Hand Sanitizer

We can’t stress on how important it is to carry wet wipes and a hand sanitizer to the beach. The weather in Goa is balmy throughout the day and a quick wipe down can make you feel clean and refreshed in no time.

9. Comfortable Footwear

There is going to be a lot of toe stepping and dancing so carry a pair of comfortable footwear like the ones from ‘Crocs’ that cover your toes and are waterproof as well. You would have seen the white sneakers everywhere and on every fashionista. It’s also the most comfortable fashion trend that even haters of the concept of fashion can follow and fall in love with. Women can work these with a floral dress, a crochet romper, shorts, and even maxi dresses. Remember that the heavy white sneakers a la sports shoes are a big no-no, they are functional not fashionable. This is also a better pick functionally

10. Fanny Pack

Instead of a sling bag or a tote, carry all your essentials in a stylish fanny pack that comfortably rests on your waist and is easy to access. Your hands can then be gainfully employed in dancing or holding your drinks.

11. Power bank

It wouldn’t come as a surprise that we have mentioned this item in our list of packing tips for Sunburn Goa. It’s true not just for Goa, power bank is increasingly becoming one of the essential things that travellers carry these days. Cell phone has become one of the most important things in our life. If you are attending Sunburn, you are going to take photographs and make several videos, because of which your phone’s battery may die down. You might not want to go back to your hotel and waste your time in charging your camera or your phone. So, pack your power bank now.

12. Accessories

Ladies ditch the flower crown this festival and give the metallic flash tattoos a chance. Stick them on your arms, collar bones, back, and, if you are adventures enough, on your face to really stand out from the crowd. For men, the easiest combination of function and fashion is the wrist-watch. It’s well to know you’re not going to miss out on that David Guetta set. If you want the ladies to check you out, get yourself the retro Casio chronograph watch with leather belt or stainless steel.

13. Dry Shampoo

Though some people like a messy hair look but surely not sticky and sweaty hair. For such situations, dry shampoo works great.

14. Mint Spray/Fresh Mints

Sunburn is unquestionably an event put that draws in intriguing individuals from all around the world. Who knows you may meet a charming person or an adorable young lady. Simply crunch in a new mint before hitting a discussion with him or her as terrible breath can be a complete turn off.

15. A Light Woollen

Days near the beach are quite hot but during evenings and nights, the sea breeze becomes cold. We suggest that you pack a light woollen or a jacket that can not only save you from the cold but can also double as a mat for sitting on the sand.

Sunburn Festival


Duration: 27/12/2018 - 31/12/2018

The Sunburn festival blows your mind with its colossal structures and elaborate productions including Asia’s largest single stage. It’s not just music festival, it’s a carnival. Markets, delicious food shacks, drinks, water sports and parties entertain guests. Relish the Goan experience during the festival. Goa also boast of peaceful beaches, elegant churches, traditional villages, wildlife sanctuaries, spice plantations and adventure sports. To explore Goa fully with Goa Bike Rental you need to call up Bike Rental in Goa Number 730-333-8800.

Let’s be Go Goa Gone this festival season!!!

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